So to catch up,

I’m 10 wks pregnant and couldnt be more suprised as to how easy its been besides the hunger and exhaustion. But surprisingly no vomiting or anything. My next appt is the 29th and I’m so anxious for the day to get here lol. The babys father and I broke up on valentines day. We just couldnt get along anymore. All the stress kind of pulled us away from eachother. But we’ve talked everyday since and we’re working it out. I couldn’t see myself with anyone other than my babys father. So pray for me cause the Lord knows I need it! But I started college right after my birthday which was the second btw. Happy birthday to me 😀 lol. I’m loving bein back in school and the best part is I graduate right before my little stinker will be here. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about something like I am with this. Also since last time I wrote I told my dad I was pregnant after freaking out on how to tell him the longest time. He’s excited :D, him and my stepmom both. She tells everyone shes having another grandbaby lol. I was shocked at how stoked they are. I still talk to my dad almost every day and were still as close as we were if not closer. He always wants updates on the baby. I just wish my babys daddys family was the same way. We do not  get along, I’m not sure we ever will. Well thats all I have for now


Ill write again soon.

Love you guys, thanks for reading <3