Ive been having alot of problems lately, with my boyfriend. Everything turns into an argument!!! its so fustrating.. everyone tells me i should leave him… but i love him to death……. im 3 months pregnant with his baby. Im a pretty insecure person so along with the hormones going on is driving me crazy. We cant go two hours without arguing about something stupid. He always has to be right, and he never takes responsibility for his own actions. Yet I can't leave him. he's my babys father! i kno that ppl do it all the time on their own but i couldnt handle the stress b/c i dont have my family 2 support me financially so i have to do it all myself. My bf doesnt have a job yet either, i work 2 jobs & i go to school! which i cant possibly do for much longer when i start getting further along. Thanx to me workin we got about 300$ in the bank that I've been saving up wit. We share his bank account under his name which i know is dangerous cuz he could take it. but i trust him that he deff wudnt do that b/c its for our baby. we just got into another fight just now, about him not gettin enuff sleep & thats his own fault cuz he didnt go to bed till 4am and its almost 230 now n i gotta go to work at 4 and i wanna spend some time wit him but he just keeps yellin at me everytime i try 2 wake him up & he made me cry. :[ idk wut 2 do.


I REALLY, really dont want to do this but im thinkin if i dont get into this school for pregnant girls then im gonna have 2 quit school. cuz I'm 17 and im still a sophmore. i got 2 yrs left and im supposed to b havin my baby in may 08.  I cant think str8 right now, im pretty pissed off at my bf right now, right after we fought he went rite baak to bed n he got up for like 5 mins wanting to bring me home cuz i "was annoying him."  How is he tired if he doesnt work n he aint pregnant. I'm the one who worked last night n he didnt do jack.  He didnt even go job hunting like he sed he wud. im aboutta go off on him.