Here I was 20 years old with 3 children no education, no guidance, not one person to truly help me.  To make a very long story short. I knew I had to do better for my children.

By the time I turned 16 years old I had 2 beautiful daughters. Not quite understanding the importance of parenting I did my best. In the relationship with their father I was abused mentally and physically. He cheated numerous of times and being that I was young without guidance I stayed in the relationship until I gave birth to my little boy.

I went back to school and obtained my High school Diploma aka (GED) at a community school. Not only that I accomplished a goal I never thought was an option for a single mother of three kids. I went to COLLEGE and obtained my AS Degree in business.

Not only that my children are doing very well in school. Their grades are unbelievable, both of my daughters make A’s & B’s each marking period.

I think turned out to be a GREAT MOTHER with GREAT CHILDREN.

To the teen mother/s that may be reading this today. Be encouraged, don’t give up on yourself even when everyone else does. Every story can have a Terrific ending. It’s up to you. Take it from someone who has walked in your shoes and once was there.

Blessed, Jasmyn