hi i am having my second baby and i am just scared because last pregnancy my partner use to drink all the time and i always felt really left out because well we made a baby and now that i was pregnant i had to give up alot of things like alcahol, my body, smokes, certain foods, i had back pain and i had to go through labour and he didnt give up anything i use to ask him just to not drink just while i was pregnant he could drink on his bday and new years i didnt mind but i wanted him to just give up one this one thing and he didnt anyway one night his friend came around to drink and i was really sick with the flu or something and i was finding it really hard to breethe and he went down the pub even though i pleaded him not too anyway his mum had to take me to hospital because when i lyed down i couldnt breethe proply he then got really scared and said sorry but still drank he not an alco and would only drink every couple weeks. i jyst woundering if its normal for me to feel like this or am i just being selfish??? this pregnancy he jas been really great i am 18 weeks and he only drank 6 jim beans yesterday because it was his birthday and he has his work dinner today and he drinking of that it stressing me out because this time of the year when people presure him to drink to celebrate new years or christmas or WHATEVER!!! hmm please just tell me yoiur thoughts