teen pregnancy

hii everyone, my name is amy, im 16 and currently at high school. ive been with my amazing boyfriend for nearly 2 months now, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. he makes me happy, makes me laugh, i smile everytime i see him because he is just that amazing 🙂 i can seriously say that i have never been so happy or in love in my life, and i dont think i can be anymore in love. just after new year we had unprotected sex, and have since. im on the pill, but i just started taking it so i dont think it was protecting me. im not scared that i could be pregnant. my period is late, i feel sick, cant stop eating, tired a lot off the time and have the most random mood swings. the more i think about the possibility that i could be pregnant it scares me, but now im starting to feel happy. i dont know for certain if i am or am not pregnant, and i dont really want to because im scared of what my family will say and do… you see i come from this really respected family, everyone knows us and we are looked up upon, but having an ‘underage pregnant teen’ in the family would be disgracefull to them. i dont know what to do. secretly i hope that i am pregnant, but my family wouldnt agree, and i have no idea what my boyfriend would say. ive not told him that i could be pregnant. im too scared to just now..

basically my head is screwed up at the thought of it all, i just need some support, someone to hug me and tell me it will all be ok, but i dont know if it will….