Hi my name is sin and I m pregnant. I am about 15 weeks but this Thursday I will know for sue because I am hving my first scan. I am 17 years old and I turn 18 very soon. I am extremely excited and abortion was not an option for me as I am very sure I want to keep this baby.

 Everything seems to be great in my life right now. I am talking to my best friend again after she had her beautiful baby girl and my boyfriend is very supportive. My mum is the only one who knows and she was very suportive also. 


I am doing everything I can to make this pregnancy go amazing. I am sleeping when needed, walking everyday, eating healthily and most of all given up smoking, drinking and caffeine which was very hard for me to do.


I have joined this site because although everything is going good I have bad anxiety and days where I feel like killing myself for no reason and I cant support from anyone else because I am not that kind of person who spills their feelings out. I hope I can cupport people and givea good story.

I'll keep upated

Sin x