It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is so true when you look at these cool photos and videos. With the latest 3-D and 4-D Ultrasound and Embryoscopy we really do get a window into the womb. Have a look girls!

body tour of fetus in womb by monthTake an in body tour of the First 9 Months of development and discover your body and your baby.

3-d ultrasound images of fetus in wombWith the latest 3-D and 4-D Ultrasound you almost feel like putting on those funky glasses.

Videos of in fetus in the wombEmbryoscopy gives us a full color peak into a beautiful world. The videos are just amazing!


One question about all this: why is it when I wanted the baby — it was a baby, and when I didn’t — it was something else?

Ok, so now what happens to your body? Find out in this cool body tour.