Well hey. Its a glorious Wednesday morning in Wrexham, North Wales in the United Kingdom. Over here its 11.35 and I'm in work. Plucked up a small amount of courage today to tell a friend in work about the small matter of being pregnant, luckly people are more supportive than you expect and she told me that she would help me as much as she could emotionally wise and also will give me a cover story for my doctors appointment.  As I've only just found out using a home test I'm not 100% sure that it was accurate. ( I must apoligise if my spelling is terrible.) So my boyfriend will hopefully find some time to run me to the doctors. I'm not entirely sure on whether I can be a mum yet after all I'm only 16, 17 in August and dispite looking like I'm perfectly relaxed I'm actually terrified. 

The shock has died down a little and I'm feeling mixed emotions at the moment. What will I tell my mum? How will we cope? Is an abortion the answer? None of these questions I'm able to answer except my beliefs at the moment about abortion stand at abortion being morally wrong a life is a life after all and all life is precious. 

My boyfriends mum will hopefully be supportive as I live under her roof. She's a really relaxed person and has supported me in the past with issues with school and work so I'm confident that she will be happyish about it.

Well I guess that is all I can say for the time being. Wish me luck people and good luck to all the other mums or mums to be here. 🙂

Leanne x