Soon, I'll get my diploma and face the real world. Can't believe that soon I'll be a mother. My boyfriend and I decided to keep our baby, he told me that he will never run away and he will be glad to face the consequences because I'm the mother of his child. Actually like what I've said, he trap me. He knows that the moment that I graduated from our school, our communication will be lessen and he's afraid of losing me so he got me pregnant. Lets just say that it's his assurance of having me in his life..

 Somehow I'm glad because he will not run, actually he's a varsity of track and field, he's really a runner..hahah..he's a little bit popular in our school and there's many rumors about him, my friends told me that he's a two timer and a cheater. . Sometimes, I have a hard time sleeeping thinking of us, on what will happen to our baby and if he'll be loyal to me..

Its like I'm also scared of losing him or the thoughts of cheating always makes me wonder. We have several fights about some girls in our school, its like I always suspect him of cheating without that hard proofs but then deep inside theres a premonition that tells me that he soon he'll cheat or he's cheating on me but then I have no hard proofs..

Please give me advice, am I just jealous because I'm pregnant?or I'm just insecure?

Anyway my parents still didn't know that I'm pregnant but then they knew my boyfriend…I don't know how to tell it to my mom. Sometimes I'm thinking of Abortion but knowing that it is a crime, I know I cant do it…