I guess when you get married you either have great in-laws or really sucky in-laws.I got the sucky ones.lol.My youngest sister in law has a dumb attitude.Over all I like my older sister in law.And my mother in law is just plain crazy.She is really unstable.We can’t trust her with our son because she hates me so much that we wouldn’t put it past her to hurt our son to get back at me.Kinda lame actions for a 53 year old.But she pretty much acts like she’s 5 most of the time.I get hate mail on facebook.And threatning phone calls.Its horrible.I wish she could understand that I am not going anywhere.That her son and I have a true love for eachother and can’t be broken.We took vows.And her BS isn’t going to spilt us up.lol.just had to rant a lil.Im so fed up with this drama from her.