so im thinking im pregnant.. i dont want to take the test because i know what it will say… im almost 19 years old this cant be happening now. i play sports in college and my parents are going to be so disappointed in me.. ive been with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years now and he and his just moved to Minnapolis, MN (i live in Knoxville, Tennessee) thats OH MY GOD far. Im really close with his family and ive gone up there a few times, lived there for a month during christmas break. i know hell support me, weve talked about getting married and me coming to live there permanently, but i dont know if i can handle all this. im going to keep my baby but ive never had to deal with anything like this… i havent gotten my period all of december, i've been bloated for a good 3 weeks now, i dont throw up but i get nauseous, i have to walk away from strong smells, my boobs feel so heavy and they hurt so bad, i cant stand to have any pressure on my stomach, i normally weigh 105 pounds (and have for 2 years now) and all the sudden im 109, i have horrible cravings & i eat like a cow..and im so moody! does it sound like im pregnant or what?!

happy new year to me… 🙁

advice //help…please..