Where do i start?..well im 16 goin on 17 on 5/28..and i jus found out that i am pregnant..well i already knew but i jus found out for sure on thursday…ill be 6wks tomorrow..

My boyfriend already knew to but now he knows for sure and i dont think he's to happy about it..i havent told my mom yet..or anybody really but my 2bestfriends..they are so supportive and they went wit me to my first dr. appointment!!.

My boyfriend doesnt seem to interested in goin..all he's really worried about is buying a skate board and making a skate crew..and that really upsets me because i feel like im goin to be goin thru this pregnancy witout him.

He lives wit me also..but i dont know..i jus dont feel like he care about the baby as much as i do..maybe as i get bigger and start showin he will come around and show me some more love and support..

oh yah..i told him he need to get a job but he still focused on skateboarding..like he isnt even trying.and its really stressing me out.

im trying..i jus need him !!!..100% support!