2 years ago I was in a relationship with a guy who i thought i was in love with. We were on and off for the remainder of the relationship. Anyway we were having alot of problems and arguments and we decided to call it quits. We broke up and i was feeling very depressed and low because i gave this guy everything. I was hurting and wanted to go out and forget about him, so i went out with my friends and we went to a club. I got completely drunk as you do when ur upset and i was feeling sorry 4 myself. I thought what did i do wrong and started blaming myself. I passed out in my friends car but i stil have flash  backs from that night. Anyway to cut a lonng story short i was taken to my exes house where i must have passed out and when i woke up i was naked in his bed and he wasn't there. I was confused, i thought i got taken home so u can imagine my shock. I called him and he told me my friend dropped me off at his and he let me stay, he undressed me and let me sleep off the alcohol. 6 weeks later i had no sign of a period and was just thinking i was under stress from the break up so myt period was delayed. but then months went by and thought this was weird so i decided to take a pregnancy test with my best friend and it came back positive. i was so happy as when i was healing from my ex i had met a nice guy and we started to see each other and we had sex once and i thought i was pregnant by him. I called my boyfriend and told him i was pregnant and he was happy. So i went to the doctors and they confirmed i was pregnant but i was 14 weeks pregnant. I was confused because i slept with my boyfriend once  and it was 2weeks ago. This didn't make sense i asked  my doctor to check again and he told me i was almost 4 months pregnant. I was in oar i thought no way this can't be right so i had to retrace my steps back to the beginning ang how i could and how i got pregnant. So i called m ex and asked him if anything happened that same night i was at his he told me no and i told him well i'm pregnant and he told me well yeah we had sex. I told him i didn't remember having sex at all and he told me i did and then it added up