hi, im Raquel, 18, well just turned 18 last january 20 this year. I have my current boyfriend for almost 10 months, last month before my birthday, rumors about my pregnancy starts to spread without knowing it, well its not really a fact because i had a period that time..glad that i have because thats my proof that the rumors was not true,then everything went fine until last friday. I was expecting for my period but i did not have and today was my 4th day of delayed period, i admit that me and my boyfriend had lovemaking for almost a week before this day.. i thought pulling out was safe. and here i am panicking and paranoid of my situation i dont know what and how to tell to my aunts who raise me for almost 18 years,,they’re expecting to much from me..i stop my studies a year ago because of financial problems and my aunt planned tht i should continue it this coming school year but i think when she learns about my situation everything will mess up.. i dont know what to do im still hoping tht my period is just delay.. i just really hope..im super scared i dont know what to do.. i even think on committing suicide but if really im pregnant i don’t want the baby to suffer.. my boyfriend is so supportive to me.. but still i’m scared, i dont know how to face this.. please give me some suggestions.. i think im going insane thinking that people may laugh at me and judge me:(