Im 17 and nine weeks pregnant….. The father of my child is nineteen. I denied my pregnancy even though i knew i was truly pregnant. When the doctor told me i was pregnant i cried my heart out. My child's father was there and he was so happy. I didn't understand why. I hid all my prgnancy papers and pills so my mama wouldn't find out.Then came the morning sickness. my mom heard me throwing up and just asked me was i pregnant…. for some reason i couldn't lie. We sat on the bed and cried together. She told me she wanted me to keep the baby cause it's a blessing. Lately all me and my babydaddy do is fight and im starting to think im going to be a single teen mom…. im thinking about aborting but my mom won't let me. I'm so scared and don't know what to do. I didn't even finish school… somebody please help me please