Okay So I had my son on May 7,2007……..and my period came back normal 4months after I had him. A month and a half ago I thought I was pregnant But the pregnancy tests came out negative. But then out of no where this month, I didn't get my period. Soo I took a pregnancy test…it came out positive.. I took 7 pregnancy tests and they all came out positive…So  this morning I went to the hospital by my house, and got a blood test then..and guess what…it came back NEGATIVE..saying i'm not pregnant and the urine test for the hospital came out negative twice…. And i don't understand why. I still havent gotten my period i'm a week and 2days late..And it's never ever been that late before..And I been feeling sick. Like how I did when I found out I was pregnant with my son. The doctor didn't know what to say..He said that I'm going to miss my periods cause i'm young and that the pregnancy tests were not accurate. But I took 2more pregnancy tests after I came out the hospital and they both came out POSITIVE!!!……… I dont know why or how this could be happening….could I even be pregnant ? I even threw up twice….Please comment back to this. I need advice A.S.A.P!


p.s the first 2 pregnancy tests I took were called Facts Plus. And the other 5 were called First Response.