Heya people. I’m Shreya and I’m from India. I’m 15 years. Well, it’s been one and a half year I’m dating a guy, and we both love each other too much. We even have had sex three times . But the problem starts from there. It was okay till this May, I was getting my periods, but from June, it stopped. I got my periods a week late in May, but from June, no sign of it. We had sex last of April. Well, after that, in June, we twice did foreplay but not sex. And both the times of foreplay, his sperms were all over my hand and I touched myself with my hand.  Well, sometimes I feel an intense stomachache, and my boobs are a bit swollen. And I need to pee a lot also. Well, my told my parents that I am not getting my periods, they want me to do a pregnancy test. I’m too scared. What if I’m pregnant? If I’m pregnant, I don’t want an abortion. It’ll be my first baby, how can I let it go? I mind says so. But the circumstances would force me to abort my baby. In India, having sex before marriage is an offense and people would leave me and my family alone if they come to know that I have had sex and is pregnant now. 🙁 I’m praying to God all day and night to make my pregnancy test result negative. Even guy guy also says he may leave me if I keep my child. Well, it’s not his fault, he has his family and his family won’t ever let him marry a single mom, even if the child is his only. And I don’t wanna get married soon. If I become practical, I see the needs to abort my baby, but my mind says not to abort. I’m so scared… I think I should commit suicide, if I’m really pregnant, it’s gonna blacken the faces of my family. Better kill myself. 🙁