So I don't have a million dollars. I'm not a professional who works in a high-end job. I can't give my children every tiny thing they want and I have had days where I'm not sure I can give them the physical things that they need.

But I can. I believe in God and know that my faith is the reason I have survived. Now I am comfortable. I am not rich or famous or even close, but I'm okay. I love my children and they are happy and well-adjusted.

Considering my son was born when I was just 16 I believe I have beaten so many odds. And now I'm pregnant again. At (almost!) 23 years old with three children already and married, I find myself pregnant and scared to death. All kinds of thoughts run through my mind with each pregnancy. How can I do this? What am I thinking? How can I have another child? What is my family going to think?It's always the same and it shouldn't be.

I'm tired of the negative effects having my son young is continuing to have on me. I'm stepping up and telling people to mind their own business. Yes I know what birth control is and yes I'm fertile, yes I know how babies are made and it's none of your business just how many children I am going to have.

My children are cared for, comfortable, and loved. What more do kids really need? Why, just because I am young do people think they can tell me and my husband what to do? Why do they think that I need a lesson on how children are created? Why do they not think that I've grown up and am not a little girl. From the moment I found out about Liam I was no longer a girl. I matured – why can't people understand that?

No I am not ashamed to be pregnant again. No I will not hold in my excitement, and no I will not let you judge me or affect how I feel about my pregnancy.

Okay – Rant is officially over 🙂

For those interested I found out Friday that I'm pregnant and by my last period I'm calculating a due date of approximately May 13, 2008!! Yay for babies!