I never thought i would be in this position, 15 almost 16 and pregnant? nov 5th i went to my doctors and i was there for 2 hours because the were waiting for a urine sample, when i still couldnt go they took a blood test, later that day i called for my results, i remember the doctor saying “It came out positive” and through the phone and flipped. My mom and boyfriend calmed me down. i had 3 options 1. abortion 2. have it and give it up for adoption 3. have it and keep it unless i had a miscarriage i chose option 3 which i suppose is selfish of me what 15 yr old can take care of a baby. a 15 year old that comes from a poor family. but i want to have it.


i still feel alone and scared alot but my family is here supporting me and my boyfriend for 5 months is staying and helping, when i say staying i mean he lives with me and doesnt plan on taking off. I went in for an internal ultra sound 2 weeks ago on nov. 15 and found i was 7 wks and 4 days pregnant they said the baby looked healthy.  im scared but excited what do i do?