Hi, my name is Kuulei and recently i have just lost my virginity.  Im really scared because me and my partner did not use any protection.  I cant be pregnant because im only 15 years old and i know im not going to be able to go through with it.  But before this happened i always told myself id never get an abortion because id never be able to live with the fact that i killed a baby inside of me because of my mistake.  I dont know what to do because if i am pregnant id hate to be a bad influence and the bad rebel kid in the family, plus im the youngest of 5.  But anyway, im just praying 100% that im not, and im hoping my friend can get me a test because im desperate to know that im not pregnant.  I hope and pray that im not and i hope you guys will too, but if anything im trying to be prepared with what i need to know if i am and how i would handle the situation..

Any advice/suggestions?