Dear Lisa– Hi my name is Emily and I am 17. I found out I was pregnant in August. I had the feeling I was anyways, but I just didn’t want to believe it. I thought everyone would just be so mad at me.

My boyfriend told me to tell my parents before I even took a test or anything. He said he just knew I was and he wanted us to tell our parents. He wanted to tell his alone but I ended up convincing him to let me be with him to tell them. I thought they would freak out but I was wrong.

My mom got mad when I told her. She said she already had a clue that I was because I had been getting sick and she had been asking about it for a while. My dad on the other hand was just excited.

I cried when I finally took the test and I thought how will I take care of a baby when I’m still just a kid myself?

I would never have an abortion so I knew that was out of the question and I didn’t want to give it up for adoption either. I am going to try to raise my baby.

I have alot of help though. Though Billy(my bf) mom just died, and that was really hard on him, he still is going to help with the baby. He already loves the baby as much as I do and I am only 19 weeks pregnant. His mom was really excited about her first grandchild too. But I know God will let her look down and see her grandchild when it is born.

I am glad I choose to keep my child because it is the best choice you can make. And it is so awsome to see how you change from week to week while you are pregnant.

We go to find out what I am having on Dec.6 which is Billys birthday. I am so excited. I just know I will be able to take care of my precious baby because I love it so much already. I will have help to tho. I am lucky– so many teens don’t have any help at all. But I would NEVER recommened abortion. I hope someone will read my story and choose to never have a abortion. Choose life for your child give it a chance. You will be glad in the long run when it says momma and dada.

So please give your baby a chance. Even if you don’t think you can raise it you can give it up for adoption and someone else will happily raise it for you. I’m so glad I found this website it has helped me in numerouse ways. I will pray that no one will have an abortion and give your baby a chance.

Thank you
Emily |



Dearest Emily —

Firstly I have to say you are one wonderful Stand Up Girl, Emily, and I am so happy for you. You also have a Stand Up Guy for a boyfriend.

You will not regret this choice of life you have made Emily. I am so glad that you see the truth about that little life that is inside of you. I’m sure this, in a little way, will bring a little healing to your boyfriend over his mom too. There is nothing like a new little life that brings joy to a home.
Thank you, Emily for your e-mail. I know your baby is so beautiful! Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Also if you ever need any sort of help or direction on how to get help in your state or province, please check this website out. It’s free and they can help you locate maybe some financial assistance or other things you may need:

Take care of yourself and thank you for your e-mail.

Luv Lisa | Contact Becky