My name is ALexandra about a month or so ago I had been throwing up and not feeling well for three weeks, my period has never been regular so I didnt think anything of it when it was late, I thought that I was really sick so I went to see my doctor only to find out that I had been so sick because i was pregnant. Right now im approximately 14 weeks but not completely sure my doctor did not want me to have an ultrasound until I had made my decision as she didn’t want it to affect what I chose to do. I decided i needed to set myself a deadline so I called and made an abortion appointment so I would know when I had to make my decision by.

 My boyfriend and I have been together over a year and a half and have been living together for 8 months. He says he supports whatever decision I make and will be here for me, but he also thinks that I should get an abortion. I am Catholic so I have always been raised to be against abortion, but now that I am in the situation I really don’t know what I should do, I dont want to have an abortion because I’m really scared and I dont want to do it and then regret it right after because I will regret it for the rest of my life. If I keep the baby I’m jsut afraid I wont be able to give them the life they deserve but I don’t know if I could not have it at the same time

 I am still considering adoption if I do go through with my pregnancy, but I am  really afraid that I will change my mind, I know I could only handle an open adoption, and I know I do have the time to change my mind right after but I don’t want to hurt the family who was going to adopt my baby, I really need some advice and I don’t have much longer to make a decision only a few days left, but I was wondering if anyone out there had any advice if they’ve been in my situation before and how maybe their decision affected them, it really is such a major and hard decision, and I just cant get my thoughts together their just all over the place