I'm 18 years old as of 3 weeks ago and I just found out i'm pregnant on Wednesday.  I went to planned parenthood to make sure and sure enough i was.  I told my mom and my boyfriend and his parents.  Everyone is so supportive of me.  My mom and his mom are both against abortions but they aren't convincing me into anything.  They said it's my decision and they'll support whatever the outcome is.  My boyfriend was stuck in the middle for a day, then he told me that i should have it.  I was stunned because i was just convincing myself that i should have an abortion because of my age and my future goals.  I am a senior and i would be 8 months pregnant during the time of my prom (therefore i couldn't go), and i would be sitting at my comencement very uncofortably.  I just applied for colleges and i'm not out of party mode at all.  I called the place to get an abortion yesterday and schedualed an appointment.  My first appointment is actually in 2 hours.  I'm still very confused, and today was the first day i cried about all of this happening to me.  I really want to go to college the way I planned my life, and finish my senior year off the way it was supposed to be.  Now I am second guessing….