Hi Becky,

I’m writing to day to hopefully inspire one girl, somewhere. I found out I was pregnant a little after i turned 17. I was a run away and heavily addicted to drugs. When i found out i cried for hours and when i told the father of my baby i was pregnant he said “take care of it” as in…get an abortion. I was mortified. That word in my head was not realistic, it sickened me to hear that from someone i cared so much about. I moved back home and stopped all drug use and started researching my options. My mom did not know why i moved back, until a little later she had the motherly feeling that i was pregnant. And her response to me when i finally came out and told her was…..get an abortion. I threw up instantly hearing those words again. I knew in my heart that i could never do that. Even though when i was at the doctors they told me “you know its still early you can just take a pill, you will only have cramps and bleeding” and I walked out of that doctors office right after she said that. I was so saddened to see how our society has become. How easy it is to just…get an abortion. So with my mom being of no support, i got a job that I walked 4 miles to work everyday and back late at night.

She was persistent about me not keeping the child so then i was told i HAD to call an adoption agency. When the woman came from the agency she was very sweet, showed us profiles of hopeful parents. I could not talk through the whole interview. We kept the profiles and said we would call her back. I never did. Though i am all for adoption agencies, the hopefuls are amazing people who deserve children. But i knew in my heart this baby was mine.

So that day i went and bought a pregnancy book set up my first ob appointment. From the day i heard his heart beat i told myself i will do anything and everything to keep this baby and give him everything he deserves. So i decided to leave my house and move to another state with my babies grandfather. He said he would house me. I stayed in the other state until my son was born. It was the most amazing experience i had ever felt, seen, heard. It brings tears to my eyes at the moment just to think of this moment. I left the father of my beautiful son when he was a month.  I was so happy to be able to leave him, he was abusive, drug user and cheated on me regularly. I delt with him in the other state just so i
would have a place to have my baby. Once i had my son my mom changed her mind and begged me to come back and live with her. Till this day she apologizes for ever mentioning an abortion.

Now my son is 2. Our birthdays are 1 day apart. I was 17 when he was born and then spent my 18th birthday in the hospital with the best gift i have ever gotten. I was so blessed.  Now i get to have an experience no one else does. He is my other half, were together everywhere. And education does not end. I am graduating this semester with my associates degree and transferring to a cal state! My son and I are unbreakable and im happy i did everything i could to have him.  

Abortion is not the answer. Im a single mom and loving every minute!! xo

Dearest Rachele – hi, I’m Lisa and I’m from the Stand Up Girl website.
When I read your e-mail I couldn’t help but just be in awe of your
mature and loving Stand for life.  I’m amazed at the amazing woman and
Stand Up Girl that you are Rachele!

Would it be OK with you if we posted your story on our Stand Up Girl
website?  I just know that it will touch the heart of many around the
globe.  Just let me know.

I’m sure your mom is absolutely blown away at her grandson and is so
very proud of you for taking a Stand.  Thank you so much for sharing
your wonderful Stand Up Girl story with us.

Please keep in touch.  We love hearing good things.

Take care of yourself.

Luv Lisa