Four weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant! My partner and I were so good I was on the pill and we were safe. Well guess what girls its not safe 100% because I fell into that 1%. I swear I did not miss a pill or anything.

It took ages to find out how far away I was because I was on the pill they didn't know. It took quite a few blood test but still couldn't find out how far away I was. We were deciding to keep it and my partner was right their beside me to support me. Then all of a sudden my thoughts changed. I can't do this emotionally and I had drunk so much lately. The doctor said to me that I was more than six weeks. Every week of those six weeks I had drunk so much that I was scared that something was going to be wrong with the baby. The doctor said I was fine then I found out 3 cases that the women had one glass of an alcohol drink and their baby was disabled. I have know problems in having a disabled kid as that does not bother me but at this age! Just not fare on the baby and me.

That day came and yes I did follow through with it. No I do not hate my self as all I can say is " I made the best decision I could at this time in my life" ! The worst part of the abortion I think is, having the ultra sound! Seeing that little thing growing inside me.

 Now I still think about things alot and am going to have councelling as I think I need it. To all the girls out there I hope this helps you on your decision and remmber this will properly be one of the most biggest decisions you will make in your life so take your time =)