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I started dating this guy a few months ago, his name was eric,he was so sweet and nice and i thought that everything was going great between him and I. He's going into the marines soon, he leaves september 8th, and so i didnt really think this relationship was going to last that long, but […]

I started dating this guy a few months ago, his name was eric,he was so sweet and nice and i thought that everything was going great between him and I. He's going into the marines soon, he leaves september 8th, and so i didnt really think this relationship was going to last that long, but I was wrong, we fell in love(so i thought) and we started having sex and before we had sex I told him that i have P.C.O.S.( poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and I knew plenty of people that could not get pregnant who had it, so I thought that i couldn't either. So we had unprotected sex, and i thought everything was fine, well he finally showed his true colors one day, and i saw how much of an anger problem he had, and sometimes it really scared me, but i kept my feelings to myself, because i truly thought that he was still a great guy, ya know everyone has their glitches kinda thing. So I took his anger all the time, he didnt even have to be mad at me, he would still take his anger out on me even if he was mad at someone else. So he leaves to go visit his family out of state, and I didnt here from him for about two weeks, and one day he finally calls me and starts yelling at me, saying that its my fault that he hasnt called me in two weeks, but i didnt know the number to where he was staying.

later that nite i started thinking when i was taking a shower, about how i havent had my period in a while, and i automatically thought OMG im pregnant! so the next day i went to the drug store to get a pregnancy test, and sure enough i was pregnant, so i went to the doctor and did a urine test and got blood drawn to mke sure i was. when the urine test came back positive, i was shocked still. when i got home i called eric and told him. he seemed ok with it at first and then he had one of his anger spells, he came home a couple weeks later, and he seemed perfectly normal and fine with everything. then we started talking about what we were going to do about me being pregnant, and things of that nature. he acted happy about it all. but these past few weeks went down hill.

He came over to my house and stayed for a few days, and got really mean with my little brother, and so my mom got really mad at him, and then my parents told me that he was never allowed back in our house.  I told him all this and he got really upset and mad about it, so i thought i should give him some space so i went to a friends house to be with her while she had her baby. So He texted me one night and was being all "lovey-dovey" and then he asks me if i would ever leave him, and of course i said no, then he calls me and tells me that he cheated on me earlier that day! so he wanted me to come to his house so we could talk about things, then he tells me that it was all a test to see if i would leave him, and that he didnt really cheat on me. but i dont know what to believe anymore.

so he told me when i got to his house that he wanted to take a break, to clear his head and try to fix his anger problem for me and the baby. So we keep talking, but not like we used to, so i start doubting if he really does care about me and love me, and so one night he got really mad at me and said that all i ever do is try to start fight with him, and he was tired of it. but i was the one who took all of his anger outbursts and said nothing to him, and now that im pregnant my hormones make be really "witchy", but no he cant take anything from me! so he let me go to cool down, and he said he was going to call me back, but he kept on ignoring my calls and texts.

so i fall asleep and at about 3am he texts me and says that he's tired of fighting all the time, and he knows that were having a kid but he found someone else but that he would take care of the baby. I immediately started crying, i couldn't believe that im having a baby with him, and he left me for someone else! i have been crying for past two days about it, and i am soooo scared because i am going to be a single mother, and I didn't want my baby to grow up without a father like i did, it sucked! i wanted to have a family and stay together, for my baby. and now everything i thought was going to be ok isn't! It hurts so much, but im trying not to cry as bad as i did yesterday because i got so upset that i started throwing up, and thats not good for the baby, when im all stressed out, so i have been trying to distract myself from the hurt and pain of it all.

everyone in my family has been telling me" it's his loss"or " look at it this way, at least this happened now then later after you have the baby" but the worst part i guess is that there is nothing that i can do about this. but i am definately not going to take him back, because he is never going to change, he just going to keep hurting me and if i keep taking him back after he does things like this, he'll keep thinking that its ok to treat people like that, and just keep doing it. And i dont want that around my baby, i dont want it to think that its ok to be treated like that and then when they get older, and someone treats them like that, they think its ok. plus his anger is only going to get worse, and i dont want that around my baby, even though it is his baby also.

if he cant control his anger now, what's going to happen when the baby comes and it's crying all the time, and he doen't get sleep, or the baby throws up on him? im scared that he's going to hit the baby, and i dont even want to take a chance with that. and also he leaves for basic training for the marines on spetember 8th. he's not even going to be around to his child grow up, So im 18 and 8 weeks pregnant and im going to be a single mom!

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