My name is Karyn. I have an amazing boyfriend, Nathan.

We had unprotected sex 4 days ago [Friday, April 23, 2010] and he came in me by accident. We are both really scared that I might get pregnant because we checked an ovulation calendar online after it happened, and it said that the day we did it on was my most fertile day of ovulation. I told my mom about everything that was going on and I told her about the plan b pill. But we didn’t actually get the pill until the 3rd day, and you’re supposed to take the pill within 72 hours of conception, or else it wont work. So I took the pill with only 5 hours left to take it. And I’m scared it might not work because I was told that the later you take it the less likely it is to work.

Then again, I was sort of excited about the idea of being pregnant and having a baby. But we were NOT trying to conceive. My mom was very supportive when I told her and she respects that I am 100% against abortion. And my boyfriend is adopted so adoption is also not an option. So if it turns out that I am pregnant we will keep the baby, and I trust Nathan that he will be by my side every step of the way. I guess when I saw how supportive and understanding my mom was being, it got me to think that everything would be ok if I do end up getting pregnant. But if the pill worked then I’m getting put on birth control, and Nathan and I are for sure using a condom everytime. I don’t want to go through another scare like this ever again!

I know I will be a great mother [if I am pregnant].
Everything happens for a reason