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young studentDear Becky,

I’m 15 years old, and about a month ago I found out I was pregnant. I had been seeing Jim only for 3 months when our baby was conceived. For this whole month, Jim and I had been researching ways I could get an abortion, just so my parents wouldn’t find out I was ever pregnant. After coming to this site, and reading the heartbreaking stories, I decided I could never go through with it. (Thank you by the way) Two days ago I went to my boyfriend’s house, where I talked to him and his mother. His mother was very supportive and helpful. She was actually very excited about being a grandmother. I told her I was scared to tell my parents but she persuaded me to tell them, and to tell them fast, so that night was the night I informed my mother. It was heartbreaking. For almost a whole month, I had been crying and worrying about my parents’ reactions. First I told my mother. We were out on a walk. She fell to the ground crying for at least a half hour. She cried all night, and couldn’t tell my father. (My parents are strict Catholics-virginity before marraige type) Yesterday, my mother went out and bought me a pregnancy test (although I had already taken 3->positives of course.. She had a hard time believing it, unless she saw it with her own eyes) And of course, this one turned out positive too. She broke down crying. She ran in her room; I ran in mine. We stayed in our rooms for at least an hour, devistated; crying to ourselves.


The phone rang. The caller ID told me it was Jim’s mother. Her family had gone through a lot when she was young, so she understood me more. She asked how I was, how my parents were, and if she could speak with my mother. Earlier, my mom said that she would like to speak with my father before she talked to anyone else. (Jim’s mother and mine haven’t met) So I told her this and she told me to tell my mom that when she was ready to talk to call her. I went in mom’s room and told her what Jim’s mother had said. She looked at me and said “Maura, I love you, and somehow we are going to find a way to get through this.” We hugged, and for the rest of the day, we talked. She told me that her and my father would always be there for me for guidance and support; that they loved me and just want to see me happy. I felt 100x better. All day, I had been worrying and worrying, ‘what will my father say?’ When I first told my mother, her first words were ‘Oh god, your father’s going to flip!’ This didn’t really help. That day I went out with two of my friends, just to get out of my house. When I returned, my father came up to me, hugged me for about 5 minutes. During that time my mom said, “I told him.” The only other words I heard were from my father. His beautiful words that made me feel 1000x better were ‘Daddy loves you.” After the hug, he sat me down and gave me a heartwarming lecture that I couldn’t have lived without.

To all the girls that want to get an abortion, just because they are scared to tell their parents, or anyone else- forget it. Your parents will love, guide, and support you through anything and everything. At first, they will be disappointed but they will come to realize that you need them and they will be there for you. And if your friends are true, they will be right by your side the whole time. Don’t worry about what other people think, they aren’t worth your time. (but, in my case a lot of people i didn’t talk to are talking to me and helping me) I almost made this huge mistake of abortion, don’t go through with it. Its the cowardly way out. You have been blessed with a beautiful baby. Don’t give that gift up.
Becky, if you could send me any more information about what I’ll be going through in the next 9 months, that would be great. Thanksss:) <3 moa

Moa | moamcgoo@yahoo.com


Dear Moa,

What a beautiful story! You must have felt such relief when your parents finally knew. I know I did. That was the hardest part of the whole thing for me…telling them that I was pregnant. They didn’t even know that I’d had sex with my boyfriend. They thought it was just “puppy love”. They never took our relationship seriously. My parents had a hard time with the news, at first, but once the initial shock wore off, they were so supportive. They wanted to be there for me in any way they could. So many girls choose abortion based fear of what people will think. How sad when they find out later on that their parents and friends would have been there for them, if only they had told them what was going on. I would love to help you out with any questions you might have about your pregnancy. Please feel free to write anytime!





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