im 14 years old. and me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half. he's my longest relationship and also my first.
I really love him and i know that he loves me too. he's 17 and even though hes older he's not with me for reasons most people would think that an older guty would be with an younger girl.
well we've had sex a couple of times and we've talked about the possiblity of me becoming pregnant. he told me that if i ever were to become pregnant that he would be there for me and the baby no matter what. and i def. belive him. but this last time that we had sex im scared that i may be pregant and im not so sure what to do. im not scared to tell my boyfriend but im scared to tell my parents. i really want to finish school and go to college. its like half of me is scared but the other half is excited. if there's anyone who can give me a little bit of advice on what i should do i would really appreacitate it