My 17 year old daughter has just informed me and her father that she is pregnant and keeping the baby.  WOW – what a slap upside the head – what a wake up call.  We've had our troubles with her in the past but basically she is a good kid – never saw this one coming.  I supplied her with birth control since she was 15 and assumed that she was taking them (as she always told me she was) – boy was I wrong. 

I didn't know what to think at first – my first reaction was to throw her out of the house – but where would that put her? poverty? homeless and pregnant?  she needs us now more than ever !!  once her father and I had calmed down we actually sat down with her and her boyfriend and discussed all options – abortion was not one of them for her and I'm glad she is choosing to keep the baby.  I hate that she is so young and I feel she is loosing alot of her youth – giving up alot to be a mommy – but, I believe that she will be a good mother.  I'm glad her boyfriend is being a man about this and not leaving her – he actually got off his a** and finally got a job.

I hope that this will make them both grow up and take on the responsibility of being good parents. 

God bless all of you young girls going through this hard and trying time and I hope that your parents are understanding – if not, find support here or somewhere, you will need it.

I stumbled upon this site and it has alot of good advice and I have read alot of your blogs – I am definately referring my daughter to sign up here, she will get alot of support and information through this site.

Thanks for helping open my eyes !!