It's been about two weeks since I told my mother and she still can't see I want to keep my little one. She calls me immature for being this way but honestly how is trying to be responsible being immature. I even try to help out with the baby more now so she can believe I'm responsible enough for this.

My mother is my best friend and tells me everything. Earlier today my stepfather was being stupid again and wasn't gonna come see the baby because he was doing laundry with his mother. I know this sounds confusing so let me explain. My mother and stepfather have been together for 5 yrs about to be 6 in September. They are married but have never lived together. My mother never wanted to bring another man into our lives so always kept her romantic life away from my brother and me. So for the past something years there relationship would consist of my mother going over to his house on the weekends, where he lives with his mother helping her out, and they wouldn't see each other during the week due to work and other responsibilities at each other's homes. Now my stepfather has a very domineering mother who likes to control her sons lives, especially his. She never liked if he spent too much time with my mother so always complained about things that would end up putting a strain on my mother and his relationship. So when my mother got pregnant she was furious, she was pretty much saying she didn't want them to have the baby. Of course it was too late and the first trimester was over with. During the pregnancy his mother made my mother miserable and him being too blind to want to think of his mother in that way only made it worse. As a matter of a fact she almost ruined my mother's baby shower. I won't get into that though. Well anyway now that the baby is born naturally her son is going to be at my mother's house more often to see the baby. She of course doesn't like that idea, so slowly she has been arguing with him about him not being there and making him feel guilty like she has no one to help her. Well, today he proved that once again she succeeded in her manipulation of him.

As I said, earlier today my mother called my stepfather at work to ask what he wanted for dinner and the next thing you know he's telling her he's not going see the baby today. Of course that peeved my mother off and they got into an argument. After she got off the phone she was telling me how he was irresponsible. I was angry also and I decided to tell her she should tell him that her daughter(me not the little one, lol) is neither the mother nor the father, but she is still home pretty much everyday of the week taking care of a child that isn't her own. Surprisingly, she agreed. Pretty much saying I was more responsible than him, yet not responsible enough to take care of my own child. Enough to be responsible for your child but not my own? I just can't get why she doesn't see I want this, that I'm ready and I can make it.