IT was around this time last year when i found out that i was one month pregnant, i ddin't know what to do and all i could think about was my parents reactions coz i was only 16years old that time . So i called my boyfriend and told him about it and the first thing he said was "have you considered having an abortion?" i was so confused even scared to tell my sister ,so i thought maybe what he suggesterd was the right thing to do.A few days later when we were supposed to godo it he never pitched,so i went there alone, while waiting there i was asking my self wearther this was the right thing to do or not? but i finally made a decision and i went through with it.Days after doing it i started getting sick,thats when my parents found out and i even ended up in hospital, when i called my boyfriend to tell him about what happened he never said anything and i neva saw him for months.My parents were very angry with me but they finally forgave me and life went on as normal.Not a day passes when i don't pray that God forgives me for what i've done, each day when i think about what i've done i turn into a thousand pieces and i have no one to share my feelings with.If i could turn back time i would erase what i've done and bring back my baby……….I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT GIVING YOU A CHANCE TO LIVE 🙁