okayy i have just this one qz could u still be prego and have ur prd?? cuz when my sis was prego wit her bb she had her normal prdz…okayy last week i strtd my prd but it isnt the usual prd i strtd very early then the rest of the time..but this time i had really bad crampz…..but it was heavy the first day then it the nxt day it came out very light..like spooting….and idk im skrd…..i kno im a very young gurl but for realz i do want a bb…me and my bf have alrady tlkd it out we even tlkd it out with his mom and she said that it is up to us….idk why i wnt a bb so badly but i just do….but the funny thing is that me and my bf alwayz do it unprotectd and i have neva gotten prego…but my sis only did it once unprotectd and she got prego right away…..is somthin wrong wit me or him…all i kno is that i want to be prego…me and my bf wnt to have a family….i kno we r young but we kno wat we are doin…so im hopin i am prego if not we will tlk about tryin it…just need some good advice form someone….i need help… = )