I got pregnant with twins when i was sixteen years old me and my fiancee were both over joyed on easter i got into a bad car wreck and lost my babies it was devestating for me i was a wreck. i decited to get the shot so it couldnt happen again i wasnt ready to deal with it all. i went and got it and me and my fiance had sex that night. my doctor did not tell me i had to wait any amount of time for the shot to be affective. i am now nine weeks pregnant. i was so scared and i wasnt wanting another pregnancy i thought about not telling my fiance and getting an abortion. i am a cna and i thought i was going to see if i could hear the babies heart beat. i raised it to my stomach and there it was my baby my pride and joy. i knew i couldnt do it, i told my fiance that night and we just bought a crib. dont ever think you cant do something from a previous experience. god is always there for you.