when i found out i was pregnant i was scared and i the frist thing that come in to my head is whats next? my partner is over the moon but we both was scared about what our famlies would say. But the frist step was to try and work out how many weeks i was. My sister was the frist person i told and she sat my mom down and told her for me, im now 13 weeks pregnant and im 15 years old, and the day i decided to keep my little angel was the day i felt like i meant something to everyone, i will never freget the day i decided i was keeping my baby.

this baby means the world to me and anyone that is in the posistion were they do not know what to do. one thing you should know is dont let anyone else put stuff into your head even if its keeping the baby or not, its your choice and you make the choice as long as it takes, its your body you decdie.

Keeping my baby was the best thing i have ever ever done in my life

15mum2be x