My life was never easy. My dad was barely ever home and my mom wasn’t either. My dad worked from 6 a.m to 12 p.m or 1 a.m. He’s was only home on Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. That was, sometimes. He sometimes had work Fridays and Saturdays. During summer he sometimes had to work on Sundays too. My mom? Well she worked in the afternoon and I only saw her for about an hour after school. I had two little sisters, one was four years old and the other was two. I always took care of them in the afternoon so that my parents could work. That all started when I was 12 years old. Well I was all alone every afternoon from Mondays to Fridays. My parents let me do whatever I wanted and gave me whatever I wanted because they tried to make up for all the time they were away. I always felt alone and felt I had no one to go to. Loneliness is never a good thing. I lost my virginity when I was only 12. I started doing drugs and drinking by the time I was 13. When I was 13 I started dating a boy who was 14. We ended up sleeping together sooner then I ever expected. He didn’t leave me as I had thought though. We had a lot of problems but we managed to get through them somehow. I’m now 14 and he’s 15. We’re expecting a baby. I’m 5 months and 3 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t ready. We’re making the best of it. His mom doesn’t like me at all and my dad barely speaks to him. My boyfriend had to leave to mexico but he’s coming back. He wants to be here for his baby and we already decided what to name him or her when he or she is born. Me and him quit doing drugs and drinking after we found out I was pregnant. My parents are here for me now. They didn’t want to know anything about me at first but now they’re getting used to the idea of having 4 babies in the house (my mom had another baby girl on may 6th) and my dad’s trying to get used to the idea of being grandpa. Life isn’t easy and I have to grow up faster then all my friends have to but I don’t care because I know it’s best for my babies. My parents always taught me you have to be responsible for your actions which is why my parents never wanted me to abort even though they thought I was too young. Now they’re going to help me financially until my baby’s dad is able to. Me and him talk almost daily and we’re thinking about getting married when we’re old enough to. I’m going to finish high school and he’s going to start working to help provide for us when he get’s back to the U.S.  We’re both excited to have our baby and we’re glad that I have such supportive parents. This is for any girl who thinks they can’t make it with their baby, I know we all can. God only gives us what he knows we can handle. He’ll never give us more. That’s why I know that I can do this. It may be hard but I can do this. With help from my family, friends and baby’s daddy I can make it with my baby. Girls we all can. Abortion isn’t the answer.