Homeless living in my car a Ford Explorer at the time with my husband along with our blue heeler pup. When I found out I was pregnant we ended up squeezing a twin blow up mattress in the back just to add some comfort and support when we slept.

I was five months into my pregnancy before I found a job that would take me in being pregnant. Six months when we finally got our apartment. As soon as we got the apartment my explorer broke down so I was out of a vehicle and wasn’t able to get my hands on a new one till a couple months before my due date.

It was really just me and my husband through the whole thing because our family wasn’t much support till it came to the day I gave birth. She was born a week early as I was induced by choice not because I had too.

I had a lot of hardships beforehand, so when I got pregnant I almost didn’t want to be and still I wanted to be all at the same time. I was pretty much in denial till I hit five months and then it really hit me when I was holding her that I was finally a mom.

That feeling of amazement as I watched my whole world change in a matter of minutes really! I didn’t know how to be a mom. I didn’t even think I’d be a good one but it’s really honestly amazing how much you already know and the things you learn along the way.

My little girl is learning and growing everyday and she amazes me beyond imaginable every time. It truly is an amazing thing to be a mom and to watch your little one grow. It can be scary and emotional but there are more pros and happiness than anything else. My husband and I were never and still arent trying to have a baby but I know if it were ever unexpected again I’d love that baby just as much!