Im 18 weeks 3 days…19weeks on friday!  

I feel like an elephant, cant even fit in my school shirts anymore. I cant concentrate at school, Leo is moving around so much already. People are starting to stare and talk…seriously ive been pregnant for almost 5 months! 

Leo’s daddy is stil being blunt, and immature. But atleast he’s growing up slowly, hopefully in time for August. We are so much though, its unreal. We act like a married couple…cant see us being together for when Leo arrives, or if we do we certainly wont be engaged and happy. I hope if we split up he sticks around for bubba though.

Leo move’s so much, not just when its loud not…its whenever he wants too, most of the time when im busy. He’s growing so fast, im huge! Luckily he hasnt given me any stretch marks yet though. Need to buy lots of new cloths, hardly any fit. I can tell he’s going to come early, either that or im further along than what they think, im not even 20 weeks yet and im bigger than my cousin who’s 28 weeks pregnant. 

I miss being the baby of the family, no ones interested in how im feeling, its all about Leo…’oh i got leo this’ ‘is leo moving?’ ‘whens his due date?’ ‘can i see the scan pictures?’ I feel like no one remembers that i am still a child. Yes Leo will be the new addition, and he’s going to be super cute…and i understand everyone is so excited. But no one has noticed i cry myself to sleep most nights, im behind in my school work, im miserable, i dont go out much. Im depressed…and no one notices. 

Please Hurry up and get here Leo, i want everything to be normal again.