well im 17 almost 18 and my bf is 16 and we have been talking about havin a baby in a way i want one but in another way i dont cause i am scared that he says he does now but once the baby gets here he will change his mind cause he is younger than me. Even though i love him, and have wanted to have children forever! don't get me wrong i love him with all my heart but men fall out of love so easily i really just don't know what to do. Cause i want a baby but idk if its the right thing to do right now. I really want a baby and if i do get pregenant and i have a girl where naming her Moriah Marie Weeks And if i have a boy Daniel Sidney Weeks I really want a baby i have thought about it for almost a month he even talked to his parents about it and they told us both to just sit down and talk about it and everytime we do it makes me want one even more than before they said they would support are disscesion wether we have one or decide to wait! another problem is that i have been sexualy active before and he has not i know that to guys losing there virginity isn't that big of deal but to girls it is its like a part of you is gone and i just want him to be as ready for this as i am!