Hey everyone ya well i thought i was  pregnent  but i found out that i am not and it is very deperssing because i have already lost one child. I was 14 and i was pregnent i went to the doctor to hear my babys heart beat but they couldnt find it so i was sent for an ultrasound and found out that i wasnt going to be able to have the baby because i had what u call a moler pregnency, they told me that it was no ones fault but that the baby was not able to grow and that i had a chance of getting cancer. so i had to lose my baby and that is very sad it would have been born august 28 of this year. and i still long for my loss. so now it has been about a year and i really thought that i was pre but i was 2 weeks late but it didnt turn out that way.. i will be 16 soon  and i wanna try and have a baby but my boyfriend isnt ready. we dont use protection but only the pull out method and i wanna be pregnent….. so everyone hope for the best… and this is to all u gulrs that is pregnent i beg u to not have an abortion u will regret it for the rest of ur life. a child is a gift and u have to treat it they way u would wont to be treated…. always remember that if ur pregnent ur life will not be over its only the start of something new….