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  Dear Becky, My name is Lynzie and I recently celebrated my seventeenth birthday at the end of January. I am also 31 weeks pregnant. One day I was on the internet and I am always looking for information to help me along with my pregnancy, that’s how I stumbled upon your incredible website. I […]
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teen girl 1Dear Becky,

My name is Lynzie and I recently celebrated my seventeenth birthday at the end of January. I am also 31 weeks pregnant. One day I was on the internet and I am always looking for information to help me along with my pregnancy, that’s how I stumbled upon your incredible website. I just wanted to share my story.

In late July 2001, I had one of my friends came to live with my family. She was having problems at home, so we opened ours to her. Around the 20th of August, I realized I had missed my period. I thought it was because there was a new girl in the house so my cycle may be adjusting to hers, but I asked her to get me a pregnancy test when she went to work. My boyfriend and I had been going out for almost seven months and recently had unprotected sex, but I didn’t think I would get pregnant. We should have learned though. His brother and his girlfriend have two children now and their first son was born three months after her seventeenth birthday (like mine will be).

On August 24, 2001, I took the test around 11:00 pm. I had gotten into a huge fight with my boyfriend that afternoon because I was being so emotional lately and blew up at everything, but still, pregnancy didn’t seem like the answer. Well it was. My friend who was living with me gave me the test right before we had planned to go to a party in town. When the two lines showed up, I couldn’t believe it. I walked into my room and started crying. But I knew I had to find my boyfriend and let him know. I knew he would handle this a little better because he had been prepared more than I was. Most of his friends have kids. His mom had his brother when she was 18. He was surrounded by this stuff. Yeah, my dad had a daughter when he was seventeen, but he had never seen her until this summer. My mom didn’t start having us till she was 25. I was so scared. How was I going to be a mother at 17!?

Anyways, I came out of my house and told me three other friends that were waiting to go to the party. They supported me and told me that my boyfriend would probably be there so we should go. I went and hung out with all my friends. I didn’t tell anyone else.There was two tests in the kit and I had heard that first morning urine is the best to take home pregnancy tests with so that’s what I wanted to do, just to be sure. Well, I waited for my boyfriend to show up but it was around 2:00am. A friend and I started to walk home. At the end of the street, my boyfriend drove by with a vehicle full of people. I turned around and walked back to the party. A friends truck got stuck in the mud so when I got back there, he was helping to get it out.

I told him we needed to talk and I could see he was still mad about that afternoon. He tried to shrug me off and go help, but I pulled him to the side to tell him I took a test. “And?” was his reaction. I told him I was pregnant and he didn’t say anything. We walked back to the party and his best friend came up to say they needed to fight these guys that where getting rowdy. He looked at him and said “he had more important stuff to worry about now”. His friend looked at me and knew. He has a 1 year old son and he just saw it in my eyes.Then, to make matters worse, The friend that was living with me came up to us with a huge black eye. Some guy had hit her. She got too close to a fight and got hit. Well that pissed off my boyfriend and his friend so they drove us and a couple others home and went back to fight. I waited for an hour for him to get back so we could talk. I was so nervous about his reaction, but he walked into my bedroom, took me in his arms and assured me we’d be fine. We were a family now and he kept telling me he loved me. I knew he was right.

I told my mom two days later on my sisters 19th birthday. She was upset at first but she’s gotten over that and is getting more and more excited. His mom’s reaction was, “Why me?” but she’s praying for a girl (she’s already got the two boys). Every day now I feel better about this. I’m starting to be able to tell what’s a foot and what’s a hand, and it kicks so much. This morning my boyfriend woke me up to say good bye like he always does, and he usually kisses my tummy and says good bye to the baby, but this morning he just kissed it and whispered “I don’t want to wake it up, so go back to sleep.” I feel so blessed to have someone who loves me and this baby so much. I’m lucky to have so many supportive people around who care and are helping out. I’m glad my boyfriends being a man and being a father. This is God’s plan for us and we can do it!

God Bless and GO TEAM CANADA!!! Winter Olympics 2002


Lynzie | lynzie_9@hotmail.com


Dear Lynzie,

What a beautiful story. Your boyfriend sounds like a very special person. He has really been invoved in your pregnancy right from the beginning. What a blessing that is! Carrying and raising a child is very difficult at times, but some of that burden is lifted when you have people there to love and support you through it all. It sounds like your mother is definitely someone you can count on. My mother has been such a loving support to me, through everything. She understands what I’m going through, because she’s been exactly where I am. She knows what motherhood is all about, and I am constantly looking to her for reassurance and advice.

I will pray that you continue to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. You are coming into the home stretch! YAYY! I look forward to hearing about the birth of your baby!




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