i hope all you girls read my story, know that your are not alone. Im 17 years old but 6 months ago when i was 16 i found out i was 6 weeks pregnant. i had an abortion when i was 2 months & 1/2. & my two ultrasound pictures & the sound of my babys heart beat in my head other than the regret is all i have left. i hit depression, & had many suicidal thoughts. i felt like i was no longer women enough to have children. i see girls my age & younger having their kids & it makes me feel very bad inside doesnt make me feel like a women nomore. what kind of mother chooses their life over their children ? thats the question i keep asking myself constantly. i have to go around with my head up high simply because i cant let NO ONE see me hit the ground. see this is my story .. i moved to a new state leaving my boyfriend behind but we promised eachother to stay together regardless of the distance & so we did. when i came here i found myself intrested in this guy many girls liked, point is we only had sex once ! & i learned the hard way , thats all it takes, sure enough i became pregnant i took two pregnancy test & both positive. ! the day after we had sex i wen to planned parenthood to get the ''plan b pill'' but obviously it didnt save me this time. i told him i was pregnant, & i never heard so many dumb excuses like the once he told me. he told me im going to the army what if i die over there i cant have a kid, & imma turn gay u cant tell ur kid his dads gay he just kept telling me really childish stuff i knew deep down inside he didnt know what to do because his friends would tell me. he told me to go bak this summer were my boyfriend lives, have sex with him & tell him its his baby i refused & everytime i would tell him no he would get very upset.he told me he didnt want anything to do with it to get rid of it & that he hated me because i was ruining his life !he told me he would pay for the abortion etc. There was never a day i let him see me cry !! ever ! so when we would be together talking about it he thought i didnt care he thought i took it as a joke bcuz everytime he would tell