Well let me just be upfront. I am turning 16 next week and there is a possibly that I am pregnant. I mean I am not sure because I haven’t taken a test but I am going to soon. I am really scared though because I am so young, I mean there is no doubt that I can do it because I have raised kids my whole life and I am smarter than the average teenager and I am graduating early, But the Father is 20 years old and we have been together for about 2 years and my family doesn’t like him at all. He wants a kid in the future and so do I and I want one with him but now in time night not be the right time. Dont get me wrong if I am pregnant then I am going to keep it. There have been times when I thought that I was pregnant and I wasnt and once when I had a miscarriage. So Idk!?! I had unprotected sex 3 times in a row with my guy like a week and some days before I bled, then unprotected sex another time after and that was a week and a half or so after. I have lower back pain and my thighs get aching and I have been nausea but not that much, but what is really a noticeable change is my emotions, tiredness, and urinating more. What should I do? I need opinions and advice. Because this time it feels like it really is real and that I really am in for a rocky road.