Hi Becky, It has been over a year since I first emailed you about being pregnant to my friend and he wanted nothing to do with it.

Even though I have been through the hard struggle of dealing with abortion or pregnancy and choosing to keep my son Noah Jay who is now 8 1/2 months and a whooping 10kgs!!!! I still visit your site regularly and read the stories of other people and there hard decisions to make and I am still admired by everyone’s story and the decision at the end.

Not having Noah’s father in his life is very difficult, most recently I have found out that he has another son due in march with his girlfriend, that does hurt me but when I have my son’s little arms wrapped around my neck and his open mouth slobbery kisses, no amount of money in the world comes close to that feeling of knowing how much my son loves me. Its the father’s loss, Noah gets so much love from me.

He has just celebrated his 1st Christmas and what a spoiled boy he was, lol. Once again thank you very much for this site, it is very inspirational and I admire all the other young adults on this site, respect to you all.