well i have been with my boyfriend for 6 months, and on May 05th, i was very sick in the morning so i decided to do a pregnancy test JUST to be safe. when two lines appeared i was mortified as im just 18 studying my a levels. i rang him straight away and we had both decided to have a termination.. well it was talked of. however he did mention getting a place together, getting better jobs to support our baby etc etc.


anyway i had a scan at 7 weeks then at 8 weeks. baby was very healthy. at this point i didnt know what i wanted to do – keep or abort. anyway my partner decided for me; said that if i didnt abort my baby, he wouldnt stay with me. that petrified me as i didnt want to be a single mummy. he pushed me into doing it, so i sat at the clinic, until it was time to go into the surgery place.. thats when i changed my mind. the boyfriend was VERY unhappy, low and behold i made another appointment which was yesterday (12th june) and that was the last time i had my little person inside me. the procedure itself i dont remember i was drugged up and asleep but when i came round the nurses were not all that nice and i was entirely alone i had to go out of the clinic and find my boyfriends car, still drugged upto my eyeballs and barely able to walk, i was also approached by protesters telling me my baby was beautiful 🙁 


i cried myself to sleep last night, i woke up crying this morning. i just feel so upset because girls around me are having their little people and mines gone 🙁 i want my baby back so much and i know it would of been hard but going back, if i would of known id feel like this, i would not of aborted my little person 🙁 now i dont have a little person inside my belly, i feel empty and i hate my boyfriend. i lost my two best things because i ended it with him this morning.


advice – please think twice before you do what i did 🙁