So, I am 17 years old and recently found out I am around.. 4 weeks pregnant? I have always been against abortion and never really understood it until I got pregnant. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year and we did not plan this at all. I really do not know what to do becuase I feel as though I already love this baby so much, but at the same time I am not ready for the responsibility . I am not ready to go to school, work, and come take care of my baby every single day 24/7. I am worried that having this baby is going to tear my relationship apart and we are going to end up miserable and I am terrified to tell me parents. At the same time I am worried about my emotional state if I do decide to abort. I am really torn between my choices and I really need advice.. every single day I think about what I should do.. Ijust want to make the right desicion. please!!