ok so i will start off by saying this is not my 1st time getting pergnant.
the 1st time i bcame pregnant i let my dad and my mom and other people in my family think for and i did not do what my heart told me to do.
when i first became pregnant i was 15. but i had it aborted which was soo horrible!! i wish i would not have done it.
but now i am pregnant again a year later and it was totally unplanned!!
i am so confused! i dont want to abort it but im soo scared to tell my mom.
i kno she is going to go bizark!!
she told me she will kick me out!!!
let me tell u my story and plz comment and give me your advice plz!!!
ok so i am 16 and will be turning 17 in february of 09.
i became pregnant sept.27,08.
and it was not wiht my boyfriend i am soo in love with now.
it was with an old boyfriend that i was with for 6 months but we broke up it just didnt work.
so here we are havin sex and not knowing it will change our life.
and i did say without a condom yea stupid huh?
but he wus a virgin.
and the awful part is i cheated on my 8month boyfriend.
so when it was all said and done i became pregnant and had to tell my boyfriend erything.
of course he was pissed off but he didnt break up with thank god!!
he really loves me!!
so when i told him i dnt want an abortion cause it hurts me way too much he wanted me too bcuz he said he wnts my 1st child to be with him and not some other dude.
but im like i cnt do another abortion not 2 in 2 years.
and ever since my 1st abortion ive been stressed soo bad on top of lossing my best friend since 6th grade and im now in the 11th and school and the stress of school and every thing.
so the babys father wants me to get and abortion too he says he dnt want me to be his babys mother!!! how awful and mean!!!
i couldnt believe he said dat then he said he didnt mean it but it really hurt me..
see some males just dont understand how it is and how awful it is to go through an abortion…

but to make long story short here i am about 3 in a half weeks pregnant and i havent told my mom and i need some advice of weather i should follow my heart and not get a 2nd abortion or get the 2nd abortion??????????
plz help!!!!!!!!!