i miss you really bad… when i read stories i never knew the extensity of that frase

 today you should be 2 months and i should be verry happy, im verry proud of you. I always remember the time that we had together i remember each day, each little thing i had with you, when you were inside me was amazing i only wanted to meet you, to see your little face, to hold you, i wanted& nbsp;to make you happy and proud of mommy, just as i have done with you little brother. Then when you were born i was really scared but happy because i could see you and i knew how strong you were. Each day you make happy with your happines, each day i was really tired but i was with you, even when its hard see you like that, you were my reason. You were with me during pregnacy and for a month and a week after, you are part of me…

At the age of one month and a week you were taken by God, to see his face, you maybe were smilling and happy, after all you have to been through, i could see the peace in your face while your funeral

 i have talk to some ladies that have loose their babies, may be you make those babies your friends and play with them, you were really happy and friendly.

 you should know that my hair was my life it was some of themost beatiful things i had. The day after your funeral i cut it, you take my life with you. I promisse you iwill look diferent, but my hair wasnt include it. All i wanted was to look at the mirror and see someone else, not the one who cried her little treasure deads.

im scare of everything i do, but most of drive, its the second day of the week and i almost crash like 5 times, my mind its thinking of you or even worse its in blank, i feel lost…  


14/MAY/09 – 22/JUN/09