Okay so I’m 16 years old now, I have a younger boyfriend named Quinton. He’s 15. I love him dearly, he loves me too. So me and him had PROTECTED sex last Friday, planned and everything. It was weird but great, he’s incredible. So to that we had sex again, again PLANNED. . . Only thing is he cam inside me but last time he didn’t. So to that the 1st time we did it, I felt stomach pain (Alittle) then second time we did it I felt severe stomach, even right now at this moment.      My family is a strong Christian family and they believe in abstinence till marriage, but marriage doesn’t always go as planned. But me and Quiton love eachother sooooo much. No matter the 1 yr. age difference. Everyone see how much we love each other. So what I’m asking is SHOULD I GET A PREGNANCY TEST?? I need guidance quickly. WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!