hi my name is chanel and im 18  and ive had the greatest expericane of being a new mom. Although this is not my first pregnacy, i felt although everything was so new when i found out i was pregnant. I was pregnant once before when i was 15 by my first love of 4 years and i had an abortion because for one i was to young and i wasn't ready. At that time i didn't understand how it felt to have someone love you and care for you truely. Me and my bestfriend whom i called my brother since i was 6 happened to decide we love each other not in that brotherly sisterly way anymore when i was 16 june 29n 05. A year went by great and Oct 25, 2006, i found out i was 3 months pregnant, i was in such shock, im 17 in my senior in highschool and planned on attending a D1 University. Although it was a shocked, i felt like i had a chance again because of what i had done before. Me and MY BF BRYAN whom became my fiance the year before were perfect. my pregnancy was so hard. i was always sick but i managed to stay on honors in school it was a hard decision but im pro- choice. i  worked and went to school everyday which i stopped doing two days before i went into labor . I gave birth to a baby girl i named her A'Bryauna, she was born on my class day may 25, 07. i love my daughter and i feel she loves me. its hard with me and my fiance, i work two jobs and go to college and still manage to be a mom for us to meet ends totally on our own. i feel great at all that i acheieved and definitly loved!!!!!!!!!!! if i can do it any1 can